Flavors of Bonaire: the taste of a unique island!

by Rick van den Broek

flavors of bonaire book cover

"Flavors of Bonaire - the Taste of a Unique Island" is an extraordinary mixture of recipes, local products and people, and awesome photography. The recipes are creations by the founder of the Yacht Club, Restaurant at Sea, and La Cantina del Mar; Rick van den Broek.

Rick has been awarded the prestigious title Best Caribbean Restaurant, and in this book he shares with you his recipes for the dishes served at La Cantina del Mar's Chef's Table.

A must have for every lover of fine cuisine, as well as every fan of Bonaire! Coming soon!

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About the Author A decade of culinary delights for Bonaire

After almost 10 years on Bonaire the authors Rick and Kim van den Broek have penciled down their experience in a superb cookbook about the Bonairian cuisine using local products: Flavors of Bonaire – the Taste of a Unique Island.

During their time on Bonaire they opened three of Bonaire’s best restaurants; The Yachtclub, At Sea, and La Cantina Del Mar. The outstanding food they served was rewarded with the prestigious prize “Best Restaurant of the Caribbean”. They are also the founders of the BREWERY, also known as The House of Bonaire Blond, the local beer brand they introduced in 2014.

At the moment Rick and Kim are working on a new exciting restaurant idea in the area of Doetinchem, in the Netherlands.

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See the stories behind the recipes. Meet the people that produce crops and raise animals in the burning sun without a natural fresh water source, and see how their products are turned into mouthwatering dishes!

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